Terrill Campbell
(937) 296-6853

My name is Terrill L. Campbell. I’ve been a license Barber for 4 years.  In the 2007 Hair Affair in the city, I won 1st place in the Barber Competition.

     I’m originally from Central IL.; most people ask me where that is so I tell them East St. Louis. Everyday I cut hair I feel like I’m representing the (618) and those Barbers that paved the way for me like “Double Duty”, “Jackie”, “Screwball” and Shane, just a few from over my way.

     As a kid my mother (Joyce Harris) kept me in a barber chair. As a teenager I loved hanging in the shop, getting a fresh cut and receiving the wisdom and knowledge from the old heads.  Now as a grown man, I’m the one helping run a shop and passing on the wisdom and knowledge.  Today, I’m the one standing behind the chair, giving the fresh cuts, today I’m the Barber!

     My passion I have for this profession goes deep, the vision I have when I cut hair is one all Barbers share. We see the finish before we start.  To me it’s nothing like the sound of the clippers when I turn them on. It’s nothing like making that straight razor glide when its time. I love the feeling I get after a satisfied customer looks in the mirror and smiles. If I could describe what I do in one word it would be “Immaculate” like the shop.

     I just thank God for choosing this profession for me because I didn’t chose it.  I promise to be the best barber I can be and to help take the business as far as it allows me to.

                                                                                    “1 Love”